Sports Gamer Blog: Madden NFL 12 Hands-On First Take

The Sports Gamer Blog posts its initial impressions on Madden NFL 12.

Excerpt: "Going further into the gameplay, I still have run into far too many situations where I’ve been running the ball behind my fullback and have watched him run right past a linebacker to try and block a safety 6 yards further down the field. What’s funny is that running, in my experience, still isn’t all that hard… even with issues like that. I’m only playing on All-Pro to this point, but even with flawed blocking logic… you can still do a much better job on the ground than the CPU. Speaking of the CPU running ability, I have yet to see the computer even approach 100 yards rushing in a game. The closest that I’ve seen, for the CPU, is 58 yards in 7 minute quarters. As for me, I busted off 225 (in a single game) with Ryan Grant for the Packers, and have had a good deal of 100 yard games to go along with that."

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