Disney Says Video Games are 'Creative Engine,' May Spend Upwards of $350M

Disney boss Bob Iger has very high hopes for his company's future in the video game sector. Disney will reportedly spend around $350 million over the next five years.

The Walt Disney Company is already well represented in the video game industry with Disney Interactive Studios (formerly Buena Vista Games), which owns Avalanche Software, Fall Line Studio, Propaganda Games, Black Rock Studio and Warren Spector's Junction Point Studios. Disney CEO Bob Iger, however, is aiming to grab a larger slice of the growing video game pie.

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ruibing4923d ago

Well Kingdom of Hearts franchise was a great success but only because it was a real quality game that was backed up by the experience of Square Enix and some really authentic voice acting.

damnwrx4923d ago

Should give a support for Disney's exclusivity to I Do Blu....