Razer bucks trends with $2,800 gaming laptop, complete with innovative UI

The gaming industry perceives PC gaming to be on the decline. Razer, a renowned gaming peripherals manufacturer disagrees with this dark cloud of anti-PC sentiment with a new piece of hardware.

One would expect a new enthusiast mouse or gaming pad from Razer, but in a surprise move, they have released an entire portable gaming solution in the form of a laptop - complete with a beautiful touchscreen and gaming function keys instead of a 10-key number pad.

Ars Technica gives an in-depth look on what could be a revolutionary piece of hardware.

What do you think? Is the PC gaming sector faltering or is it as strong as ever?

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fluffydelusions2636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

$2800?? You can probably buy a Asus republic of gamers laptop for half that and max out every game. No thanks.

nycredude2636d ago

Not probably definitely

nickjkl2636d ago

And with this PC gaming is revived

wait what

ATi_Elite2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

over priced with an under performing GPU
No Thanks I'll PASS!!

K1te2636d ago

The keyboard looks AWESOME!! but rest all looks Macbook pro!

zeal0us2636d ago

2.8k for that no thx, I can buy a gaming laptop/desktop way cheaper.

PeZuS2636d ago

Razer pulling "an Apple" with that price

Letros2635d ago

At least now there's someone with a Laptop to look down upon the Macbook Pro students at Starbucks.

marioPSUC2636d ago

Theres cheaper prebuilt gaming laptops, and you can build one cheaper.

Though if you want a gaming PC, just get a desktop, which would be way cheaper than to build or even buy prebuilt than that crap

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The story is too old to be commented.