Porsche and EA vs: Ferrari and Microsoft

Racing sim fans everywhere are blasting EA for "blocking" Turn 10/Microsoft from using Porsche in Forza 4 (EA holds the rights to Porsche in video games). Turn 10 in return has claimed that they don't block the use of Ferrari (they hold the rights for PC/360) for the sake of the racing game "ecosystem". Yet there is no Ferrari in EA's recent Shift 2. Who is to blame here? - Attack of the Fanboy

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disturbing_flame2611d ago

I remember all Forza defenders talking about the absence of Porsche in GT5 and found this absence terrible, i suppose that it must be hard now not to have them in Forza 4.

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dark-hollow2610d ago

Show me those forza fans???
Basically every article about forza before the launch of gt 5 was full forza haters.

They even compared it to GT PSP and even said the latter is better looking!!!

Quagmire2610d ago

Shift 2 is better anyway

sega gaga2610d ago

EA is just but hurt because the NO came there directly from Ferrari and not from a platform license holder, just for the info.