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EGM Scores: 8.5/10 for Uncharted, 9/10 for Mass Effect

NeoGAF member egmfan89 has posted score from latest EGM magazine:

"Mario and sonic olympics: 6,7,6
Geometry wars galaxies: 8.5,7, 8.5
Fire Emblem: 9,9, 8.5
Need For speed pro street: 8.5, 7.5, 7
Tony hawk: 5.5, 6.5, 7.5
Manhunt 2: 4, 5, 7
CoD 4: 9.5, 8.5, 9.5
Blacksite Area 51: 6, 5, 6
Kane and Lynch: 7.5, 7, 7
Uncharted: 3 8.5s"

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Time Lord4968d ago

I think thats damn good score. Let the reviews roll, of course am talking about Uncharted

MK_Red4968d ago

All 3 scores all actually good. Of 3 EGM scores, usually one is higher, one is lower and the 3rd is close to one of them. Uncharted got triple 8.5s from all 3 reviewers :)

TheGamer4968d ago

Thanks for submitting the story. Good score overall.

One question: How are you able to submit a story and I am not??

MK_Red4968d ago

Thanks for the superb find and tip.
As for that, I don't know. Have you finished the contributer test? If you have successfully passed the test and still can't submit stories then pm an admin about the problem.

squallsoft4968d ago

sweet, great score for uncharted!

MK_Red4968d ago (Edited 4968d ago )

I was hoping for 9s for Uncharted and 10s for Mass Effect. I was also hoping for a better score for Contra 4 and Blacksite...

okcomputer4968d ago

There have already been too many tens handed out. It waters down the process and you get stupid crap like that 11 out of 10 for mario galaxy because a 10 doesn't mean as much anymore.

I obviously haven't played uncharted or mass effect yet, but these scores are about what I expected and I'll be picking both up next week. Tens should be extremely rare and only a handful of games per gen should get scored that high. The only "ten" game I've played so far this gen has been bioshock.

MK_Red4968d ago

Superb comment, with so many 10s handes out in recent months, perfect score has kinda lost it's meaning.

Also, I thought I was the only one who worshipped BioShock and thought it was the most next-gen game so far. I was hoping the same for AC bu haven't played it and the reviews are not generally good. But BioShock was THE game that I felt perfections, story, controls, level design, enemies, music and sound effects were all perfect.

okcomputer4968d ago

Yea I'm a huge fan. Halo 3 is good and is the popular choice and it'll probably take most of the media's goty awards, but Bioshock is my goty hands down so far.

Shadow Man4967d ago (Edited 4967d ago )

i got it through a torrent over the weekend, and i hate it. You are constantly taking and the facial animations from the above the mouth up are absolutely terrible. They try to hide how crappy the game looks by putting a grain screen filter on, which you can turn off. When you do it looks like sh*t. The gameplay isn't very fun either. The AI id horrendous and the shooting isn't that much fun. I was hoping for this game to be good by damn did it disappoint.

7/10 max for me
it makes me sad too because bioware is such a great company maybe the next one will be good

InMyOpinion4967d ago

I doubt you have actually played it. And if you have you must hate all other games by Bioware or you are just a PS3 fanboy trying to downplay every great game on the 360.

I have the full game and to me giving it 9/10 is an understatement. The action is like a mix of Gears of War with 4 basic squad commands (follow, stay, move to point and attack target) which works extremely good. The thing with the dialogue is that it's so well scripted and played, and you get to interact a lot in what's being said, so it's just as fun as the fighting parts. Although it has a lot of customization options for your guns, armor etc it's all so well implemented that you just do it without a lot of thought.

I have'nt been this amazed by a video game since the first time I played Shenmue or Super Mario 64. It's just a step ahead of anything else available. If you don't believe me, try it for yourselves.

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MK_Red4968d ago

You're doing the right thing. I love both but first, I must buy a PS3 but after flood of recent great games, I'm rather broke. Still, have to buy both PS3 and Wii. PS3 for Uncharted and Ratchet, Wii for Mario Galaxy and Zack & Wiki.

sonarus4968d ago

agreed same here. mass effect and uncharted have both got me super siked

jcgamer4968d ago

I'm buying both too on...

Marceles4968d ago

Got them both preordered. I think I can finish Uncharted before I play Mass Effect, but both are gonna be 2 amazing games.

*looks at NFS Prostreet getting an 8.5 from one reviewer* Wow...that's high

razer4968d ago

Getting both Uncharted and Mass Effect..

RadientFlux4968d ago

same... great time to be a multi-console owner

nismo4968d ago (Edited 4968d ago )

Add me to the double dizzle list. Getting both too.

jASSon 3604968d ago (Edited 4968d ago )

buying Mass Affect first day. Not going to touch dude raider though, its way too full of repeatness. played the demo at my friend's. not fun. it looks like a sort of animated Halo 3 in parts. but way less impressive. the trees move out of sync. the water is transparent (you can see the bottom, where as in Halo 3 its a really cool like cloudiness with no reflections. way more believable imo).

since the ps3 can't do HRD lighting, the lighting effects looks very sub par as well. too bad they didn't use two frame buffers like H3 LOL! mass affect looks great though. another UE3 game to simply hint at what the 360 is capable of roflmao!!

Anyone know where theMart lives? I would like to offer him one ofmy orifices. how about Zhuk? anybody? anybody?...........

AKS4968d ago

I have a PS3 and a Wii. I am not comfortable with the red ring business with the 360, but they have some very nice games. I'm able to get most of the games I want with the PS3 and Wii, though.

kewlkat0074968d ago

Multi-console Owners waiting for games from both.

This has to be history in the making

I as well liked the uncharted Demo, Since it's your next-gen Tomb Raider/Pitfall.

Mass Effect I've been following from the start. After watching that Long trailer..

I have to answer that DISTRESSED CALL..


TheHater4968d ago

I agree dude. I am buying my 360 just to play Mass Effect

CrazyJ4967d ago

You need to get your facts straight and stop spreading FUD just cause your a 360 fanboy. The PS3 can do HDR just fine in fact it can do fp16(16 bits per component, red, green, blue, alpha) HDR which is what Bungie basically emulated with their dual fp8(8,8,8,8) frame buffers. The 360 actually does not do native fp16. Instead how most 360 games do native HDR is through fp10(10,10,10,2)its a compromise format that doesn't have the bandwidth requirements of fp16 while still retaining some of its dynamic range but loosing range in the alpha channel. The PS3 does not support FP10. The games your comparing Halo3 and Uncharted have totally different art directions. You apparently like the blooming effect. It's not superior, its not even that realistic, but it does look flashy.

monkey6024967d ago

Yep Mass Effect and Uncharted for me too. (and Assassin's Creed)

OutLaw4967d ago

I'm also picking up Kane & Lynch today hopefully it will be a good game.

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Heaven_Or_Hell4968d ago

From EGM, knowing their review, this is a dawn good score, not perfect like a 9/10 but a 8.5/10 is indeed very good