Why you can't drive Forza 4's super-shiny Warthog

Had a good goggle at the Warthog jeep recently unveiled for Forza Motorsport 4's Autovista showroom mode? It's not entirely like the one Master Chief employs to flatten stray Grunts, is it, but there are good reasons for that.

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CrimsonEngage2636d ago

Looks beast as shit. Perhaps one day when T10 make an offroad racer we can take this beast for a spin? :3

marioPSUC2636d ago

I wish they'd go all out with a forza and have so many different racing options, like indy, nascar, offroad, bikes, and all that good stuff, that would be an amazing racing game, though thats not to say Forza isnt great already

Convas2636d ago

Trolling Lamborghinis at the finish line with the Plasma Cannon. ROFLMAO! That would make for one HELL of a Forza 4 montage.

"NO one Scarab should have all this Powwwwwwwahh." XD

Alos882636d ago

"muddy the experience"? Just how obsessed with realistic driving physics do they think we are? I'd much rather have a slightly unrealistic drivable warthog than this.

MasterD9192636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

If only you could drive it!

Have a guy on the back shooting at a bunch of sports cars as the warthog just demolishes any car in its path.

marioPSUC2636d ago

They really should have put it in as an easter egg to be able to drive it aswell. I do like the new design look of the warthog

Morbius4202636d ago

I'd rather have it featured in a proper Burnout game; maybe as dlc.

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