Top 10 (Closet) Annoying Characters in Video Game History

Crispy Gamer: Every video game has its annoying characters. Over the course of time, some characters have gained monumental recognition for their suckatude, and they do indeed suck a lot. But are these well known characters even the most annoying in their own game? Hardly. You just have to look a little closer.

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WhiteLightning2608d ago

Oh god more useless, pointless hate on FF8....

.......Right, whatever you say

SquareEnixFan2608d ago

Not only do I hate this list the author also committed the unforgivable crime of insulting Laura Bailey.

Aysir2607d ago

He didn't bash FF8, just Irvine. And I agree, he is useless. His personality is terrible and confused and he's a dolled up wannabe cowboy (nothing against cowboys, but they should be rugged, not wear earrings and have fringes)

Skateboard2607d ago

Irving is a pretty shitty character but, his limit break with pulse ammo makes him a beast.

Pozzle2607d ago

I always liked Irvine as a character (once we learned more about him). :(

But maybe that's just because I wasn't a big fan of Squall.