Did third parties stab Nintendo in the back?

"With the increasing trend of third parties delaying their big 3DS titles, how are they going to expect hardware sales to pick up when their very own games were part of a bigger plan to move the hardware itself?

Have their decisions to delay their games led to a catch-22 situation? Did they stab Nintendo – who pushed for third parties to have the limelight from 3DS launch day – in the back?"

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NewMonday3312d ago

its like the PS3 launch, when console sales were low, publishers delayed once exclusive games to get them on the 360

disgaeapuchi3312d ago

This. Though I think one of the games (Was it Valkyria Chronicles?) went back to the PS3 once sales picked up.

gaffyh3312d ago

Nintendo has never been able to sustain 3rd party game sales, as is always the case, a few titles take all the sales, and the rest barely sell anything, even if they are unique. I honestly don't see why anyone supports them any more, if you look at some of the third-party exclusives on Wii, some of them sold horribly, when they would have sold significantly more on PS3 or 360 (e.g. MadWorld).

Most of the top-selling games on the Wii are either first-party or casual (or both) games, so really, third-party devs should not support Nintendo with any games other than casual games, because that's obviously where the money is.

disgaeapuchi3312d ago

@gaffyh They have been in the case of their portable platforms though.

Look at the DS - Nintendo's last major game released for the system from an in-house team was arguably Zelda: Spirit Tracks, and third parties have carried that system through to what we've seen today.

Same with the GBA, Nintendo were able to focus on DS while third parties released the final swansongs for GBA (with the exception of the original Rhythm Heaven and Mother 3).

darthv723312d ago

the issue is more of a 'what do we do now to sell our game thing'. Meaning that the same thing happened when the ds first came out. The wave of titles was sparse but once the momentum got going and the system sold.....

The use of the dual screens was different as compared to single screen gaming. Anything and everything that came out for the ds (at the time) sold pretty solid no matter if it was 1st, 2nd or 3rd party. Mostly due to the use of both screens.

Now the 3ds is better than the ds in many respects but the novelty here is the 3d. How and when the games come out is all dependent on the consumers biting. Exclusive or not...if the games are done to use the 3d like they used the dual screens back then, people will buy them.

So far there has been an upswing in sales which should lead to these delayed games into the final stretch for release. They may not be the mario or zelda that people associate with nintendo. Yet looking back, the nes and snes, gb/gba had quite a diverse library of 3rd party games and did quite well for themselves.

sikbeta3312d ago

The problem with N is, their exclusives Always overshadow third party games, third parties can't go against Mario + other IPs and they can't replicate casual games in order to achieve success like N does, look at the wii, shovelware all over it, look at the GC and the third party exclusives, nowhere near the sales of N games...

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LOOK_AT_THIS_I3312d ago

guess maybe rushing the system to try to get a head start backfired for them. maybe they should have thought about adding another analog stick to allow for more games to take advantage of it. same old, same old with them just putting more makeup on a ds and selling it for more money.

Laypoof3312d ago

No it's Nintendo's fault for releasing a ridiculously outdated hardware that made most third party dev exclude it, and I don't blame these developers. You can only do so much with a pathetic last gen machine...

treesmurf113312d ago

I'm sorry but that just sounds like trolling to me, the 3DS is an impressive piece of kit and that's been shown with games like Revelations and Metal Gear looking as good as they do.

@gaffyh I don't believe for a second that Madworld or any Wii exclusives like that would have sold well on PS3/360. Aside from the fact Madworld was far from great it is also a very niche title that is always gonna struggle, not matter the console, just look at No More Heroes on PS3, brilliant game but I doubt it's even sold a tenth of what the Wii version did.

disgaeapuchi3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

I wouldn't say it's down to the hardware. Vita's even more of an impressive piece of hardware yet third party support from the west has been just as depressing as 3DS's, with few games announced.

3DS and Vita both have plenty of games on the way from Japan, but western developers appear to be shunning both platforms. The article's mainly about how third parties didn't release their best games when 3DS was released, a time period where Ninty delayed their own releases so third party ones would sell.

Edit: axisofweevils' excellent comment below has explained what I mean very well.

ronin4life3312d ago

That's a good analysis. I didn't even notice that!
I pride myself in my analytical abilities... how did I miss that?

ronin4life3312d ago

And if a console is to overpowerd, there's only so much you can do before it becomes overwhelming to.
This is why game design has changed so little in the past generation. And also why the most inventive games come from indie developers and games on weaker platforms.
Just look at little kings story Vita's "new" art style, and see how overpowerd machines push the standardizing of even the most individual and unique games.
My point might be a bit muddled... damn allergies...and lack of sleep...

Laypoof3312d ago

And I was mainly talking about the Wii, even though the 3DS is also much inferior to the PS-Vita

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axisofweevils3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

They did.

Third parties: "Waaah! Waaah! No one buys Shovelware 7 when you release Zelda and Mario! That's why we ignore your console!"

Nintendo: "OK, we'll stagger the release for our big games for the 3DS - releasing one every 2/3 months, meaning you won't have to compete!"

Third parties use this as an opportunity to release half-hearted games... again. People don't buy the system due to the lack of good games.

Third parties: "Waaah! Waaah! People aren't buying the 3DS. As a result, we'll delay our good games to next year!"

ronin4life3312d ago

Absolutely. I have thought this for a long time now.
When you look at potential consumer bases, the 3ds has Nintendo's handheld history (especially with the ds) as a major plus when it comes to assessing risk when choosing a platform for making a game. This is why they originally had so much support.
Then it magically disappeared. Around the same time all these companies announced exclusive deals with Sony. Especially Capcom, who announced some major support for sony(Cole in UMVC3, Monter Hunter portable 3rd HD), while also canceling or crippling planned Nintendo products(Resident Evil Mercenaries, Mega man legends 3).
While the PSV has alot of potential, it doesn't negate Nintendo's handheld pedigree, so it doesn't add up that so many 3rd parties would give up making games that could have very high returns. Not even the slow sales alone, which were never all that bad, could explain ALL the cancellations and postponements.
I just hope the upcoming Nintendo event will showcase alot of 3rd party support. With the price drop issued at the request of 3rd parties(more or less), anything less in the coming months would seem incredibly suspicious.
Monster hunter 3DS and Little kings story 3DS (with the original art style) MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

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