BlackSite: Area 51 Review: 4/5

GamePro reviewer writes:
"I feel bad for Blacksite: Area 51. Sure, it's not a great FPS title in by any means but it is a solid and enjoyable shooter that will no doubt get lost in the shadow of great games like Halo 3, Bioshock and The Orange Box."

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MK_Red4963d ago

If Blacksite doesn't sell, Midway is only left with Unreal Tournoment 3 and after that doesn't have a big game that I can remember, Wheelman could be another disaster like their previous movie-game deal SpyHunter: Nowhere To Run.

chester4963d ago

i actually liked the ridiculously short demo for the 360 (almost the same length as heavenly sword demo). as soon as this game becomes 19.99, which will probably happen pretty freaking quickly, i'll pick it up.

razer4963d ago

and I will be buying this on launch day.. but I might not play it until after the new year.

Zhuk4963d ago

this will be a good game I think and it will probably be largely left alone these holidays. I think it would have been better if they shipped it early next year

MK_Red4963d ago

Agreed, it's the worst time for a not so popular FPS. It's from the producer of Deus Ex so it should have some great aspects.

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The story is too old to be commented.