Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition Review (

Capcom's reintroduced Third Strike to a new generation of fight fans. Did the fighting game master nail this port? Quite simply, yes. This excellent game brings home our 2D-X Excellence Award.

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BubbleSniper2636d ago

lol. i can play the arcade version on mame. thx anyways capcom

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2636d ago

the cows udders are sore from all this capcom activity. this has got to be the most milked franchise ever. the new version that gets released 6 months after the last one will see all new drastic improvements including 4 brand new (old) character 10 different costume changes, and now a new car to destroy for points. Groundbreaking stuff....capcom if you want me to buy rehashed stuff make a mega man collection for the ps3 with all the mega man games on it then we will talk.

SF2 for the super nintendo was/is the only street fighter for me.

Tito082636d ago

SF2 has being more milked than SF3, and this game is considered the best in the series along with Alpha 3, and even better than SF2 with their way too many editions!!!!

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2636d ago

its still the same exact game...throw in the "alpha/Super/Mega/arcade/ tired"


Tito082636d ago (Edited 2636d ago )

It's not, just give the game a try, and see if it's still the same as SF2, Alpha and SF3 are completely different from Sf2 with it's so many editions, , why don't you just give it a try dude and find out for yourself!!!!