Rumor: Headlong Returning to Halo: Reach

Loud Mouthed Gamers: It appears a user over on the Halo Waypoint Forums has found what looks to be Headlong written on the whiteboard in the background of a Behind the Scenes video released today. The whiteboard has map names written down that have already been confirmed such as Beaver Creek, so this makes it look like the famed Headlong is on its way to Halo: Reach.


Headlong has been confirmed as it is featured in an IGN video . Check it out! Just remember the Superintendant is watching.

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Wizziokid2636d ago

that would be cool, I loved that map back in the day, I need to get back into this game

Convas2636d ago

I spent so many hours in local multiplayer decimating my next door neighbors. HELL FREAKING YES!

MasterD9192636d ago

Bring 'em all back...why not?