Puzzler: Guess which game characters own these bones

It doesn’t have to be Halloween to see skeletons in video games. Some game characters expose their underframe when they get shocked, and others magically lose their skin when they die. How many of the following piles of bones can you identify?

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crazytown992613d ago

3/10. Looks like I need to bone up.

choadley2613d ago

Hugo's left foot looks really weird.

xf2613d ago

I'd like to see more articles like this on N4G. A fun little game related quiz and not an annoying ".......... Is Doomed Because I Dont Like It" article.

Sadie21002613d ago

Haha, what a great idea for a puzzle.

Gungnir2613d ago

I knew one of these had to be a Street Fighter game...

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