Microsoft Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over Xbox Live Fees

A man who claims Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) improperly allowed his underage son to use his debit card to subscribe to the company's Xbox Live gaming service and automatically renewed the subscription without authorization is suing the software maker for consumer fraud.

In a class action suit, Georgia resident Francisco Garcia claims that in October 1995 his son, Silvario, used his debit card to buy a $49.99, one-year subscription to Xbox Live. The service lets Xbox owners play games like Halo 3 against each other over the Internet.

A year later, Garcia claims, Microsoft automatically billed him for an additional year of Xbox Live without his knowledge or consent. He contends that the charge sent his checking account into overdraft, and that his bank slapped him with a $35.00 penalty.

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Bonsai12144930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

am i the only one who sees something wrong with october 1995...

here's another question: is there an "auto renew" option that you can select for live? because if the kid checked that, then bam, cased solved for m$.

i really hate it when people think they can take advantage of the justice system in america. mcdonalds anyone?

Marceles4930d ago

lol...Xbox wasn't even thought of in 1995.

Danja4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

haha I didn't know that online console gaming started so early

what's next suing M$ bcuz the first xbox controllers were too big and ugly...

Marceles4930d ago

maybe it should be a class action lawsuit over XBAND

marinelife94930d ago

MS should just give the guy his money back and brick his 360. I'm sure he's the only genius in the great state of Georgia who is complaining about it anyway so the class action lawsuit will just be him.

Texas GMR4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

...whoop your kid's @ss and quit wasting everybody's time with your petty lawsuit!

ReBurn4930d ago

Anytime you subscribe over Xbox Live it is a recurring membership. It is spelled out clearly when you purchase it. You actually have to call Microsoft and cancel your recurring subscription if you don't use the card.

I don't see where Microsoft should be held accountable because the kid lied. $35 is sufficient stupid tax for raising a kid who lacks character to the point where he is going to use your debit card without your permission.

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OOG FunK4930d ago

Morons not MS fault in the first place its your stupid kid bro so deal with it on your and yea 1995 wow didnt know Live was rockn the n64 n ps1. This is just moronic people looking for attention ah how sad it is....and you didnt notice the first 50$ fee arsewhipe???? lol

lodossrage4930d ago

This is not their fault.

How's about being a responsible parent and keeping your kids away from your credit/debit cards

I Call 9MM4930d ago

If the kid checked auto-renew it's their problem, not Microsofts. Charge your kid with identity theft instead moron. I know my Live account doesn't auto renew on it's own, so no fraud for Microsoft. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go and poor some hot coffee on myself, might get some money from McDonald's.

lockload4930d ago (Edited 4930d ago )

It must mean 2005 i would think :-)

I really cant understand why this is a class action lawsuit when the root of this problem is the son stealing his fathers card to purchase the subscription..

Just noticed MS refunded the $49.99 hes lucky to get that cheeky git he should control his children and take responsibility

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