Blu-ray dominates HD DVD with 71% of disc sales

Despite the recent moves in the HD format war, Blu-ray continues to dominate HD DVD in the place that matters most: disc sales.

We have seen Paramount change sides for US$150 million, and Toshiba dumping the A2 at fire-sale prices to make way for its new A3 player. Yet even with the massive release of Paramount's "Transformers" on HD DVD, it wasn't enough to keep Blu-ray from dominating in sales of discs.

The Nielsen VideoScan sales for the week ending 11/4 show BluRay with a 71% to 29% lead in sales over HD DVD. Year to date figures show Blu-ray at 64% to HD DVDs 36%, and since their inception, BluRay has a 61% to 39% lead.

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chester4963d ago

my god, i couldn't care any less about this ridiculous format war. neither are going to go away, and neither are going to pass standard dvd's for a long, long time.

rofldings4963d ago (Edited 4963d ago )

That's what they said when DVD came out, that it would never pass VHS in a long long time. Eventually blu-ray will win - what's the point of a cheaper player (hd-dvd) when you have almost nothing to watch on it? All the good movies come out for blu-ray. Unless you wanna watch it on DVD, of course, in which case you wasted your money buying an hd-dvdud player.

Btw, has anyone seen bloodmask?

lawman11084963d ago

That are $20 bucks. I REFUSE to pay $30 bucks for a DVD HD or BR. I belive HD will win just because of price, black Friday will show alot next week when the H3 HD dvd player is under $170 at Sears, BB and Circuit city and this one comes with 7 free HD dvds

Kholinar4963d ago (Edited 4963d ago )

Agreed on the $20 part....

Hopefully this war lasts long enough that they drop to that. Otherwise I'm afraid we'll have to higher price point with the mpaa blaming pirates for why no one's buying as many discs. :p

shmee4963d ago

RATATOUILLE and CARS are expected to outsell SPIDEY 3 and are on a killing spree at the moment

pwnsause4963d ago

they are not on a killing spree, they are on a "HOOOOLY SH$T!!!!"

lawman11084963d ago

Unless you have a kid I sure hope not.

Shadow Flare4963d ago

ugh, whats wrong with that? You could the same thing about mario galaxy...oh you have to be a kid to buy it. Uh no. Oh you have to be a kid to buy Ratchet and I'm getting Cars on bluray, its a great film. OK, im not above 20, im 19 but i think my point stands

Filanime034963d ago

lawman I am 20 yrs. old and I like watching kids movie and reminesence my childhood. I still like litehearted movie.

ruibing4963d ago (Edited 4963d ago )

I am 21 years old undergraduate, and me and my girlfirend thoroughly enjoy every single Pixar/Disney movie and will continue to do so. They are true classics that anyone with a heart should be able to enjoy.

It is just sad that in this day and age, people like you ridicule people like me who just likes to kick back and watch a wholesome movie without drugs, violence, nudity, and immorality that really teaches you to appreciate the small things in life we so readily take for granted.

MaximusPrime_4963d ago

i bought Pixar short film BR. Fantastic.

Im seriously considering getting Cars on Bluray (despite having one on DVD)

ScentlessApprentice74963d ago (Edited 4963d ago )

In my educated opinion he has to be one of the biggest F'n morons on this site. He/She/It is biased towards EVERYTHING having to do with the PS3, which in this case is Blu-Ray.

Just giving that moron attention is akin to throwing scraps at a brain-dead ape with feces in it's mouth!

For Real!

Primetimebt4963d ago

I'm over 20 but I have a 2 year daughter who loves disney movies and I mean Loves disney movies. I took here to walmart to let her pick out a couple movies today and I held up Ratatoiulle (blu ray), Cars(Blu Ray) and Shrek 3 on DVD to let her pick. Well let's say I left the store with 2 more disney videos to my collect.

Antiomo4962d ago

Have you ever heard of movies that can be enjoyed by EVERYONE.

Its like board games. Or Cartoons on TV.

Im pretty sure the old folks will still enjoy watching Flinstones or Jetsons from time to time.

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UnblessedSoul4963d ago

But teh Hd-dvd will win!!!$%£%"%^£

lawman11084963d ago (Edited 4963d ago )

Which also allows me to KNOCK it for the crap system it is. I have a BR player that can play games, I also have the A3-HD player and as I have stated before I will not buy HD or BR dvds when they are $30 bucks. And for the record, being that you are 19 and 20 years old you are a kid so go and buy you "Cars" movie. And Mario is a kids game and so is R&C and that is why it has only sold just over 40,000 copys in the states.

PS3 Limps on and on4963d ago

Blu ray is just keeps on winning. It's because of the PS3, I think. And it's probably selling a little more now with the $399 price and better marketing TV ads.

ruibing4963d ago

You confuse me on a frequent basis with the nature of your comments, but I agree with you for once.

OmegaKulu4963d ago

old and unwanted news? really, we have enough of blu vs hd-dvd here already.

tethered4963d ago

So skip over it and stop reading it if you don't like it.


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