Dead Rising 2 Off The Record to Include Sandbox Mode

Dead Rising 2 Off The Record is making an appearance in Seattle this weekend for the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) and is debuting an all new mode.

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christheredhead2611d ago

my biggest complaint about dead rising 2 was the time limit and sort of linearity of it. it made it virtually unplayable for me so this is something ive really been waiting for.

i wouldn't mind the time limit/mission structure if i could back out and go to a free play mode whenever i wanted. without that option dead rising 2 felt more like a chore to play. i couldn't take the time to necessarily do what i wanted with out it interfering with the story. sort of brought down the experience for me. it was a fun rental for a few days, but i just don't have the urge to go back and play. looking forward to off the record now that the option will be included.

xPhearR3dx2611d ago

Dead Rising 2 had the option to completely ignore the story. You were still set on the 3 day limit, but you didn't have to do anything story related if you didn't want to.

WhiteLightning2611d ago

Yeah but you still had to restart it and go through the cutscenes and long loading times again

Most people when they have freedom like to do some main missions, mess around, explore, mess around again, do side missions, go back to main missions then side missions again etc

but with Dead Rising you can't you have to keep restarting if you wanted to play the story missions which was annoying

They should of given us a choice at the start, if you do the 3 day thing you get a special bonus at the end. If you wanted to mess around and do main missions when ever you want to WITH OUT the 3 day limit then you could select it.

It's not really that hard to add a no time limit....Capcom do this with Resident Evils Mercenaries in RE. It's really not that hard capcom.

marioPSUC2611d ago

Really glad they added that, I may pick it up at one point.

Psychotica2611d ago

Good, I couldn't care less about the story

jaymart2611d ago

I reported this last week, along with the achievements.

ShoryukenII2611d ago

I never bought a Dead Rising game but I've always been interested. Is this like Super Dead Rising 2 or is it Dead Rising 2 Arcade Edition (Updated game or DLC)?

jaymart2610d ago

It's like one of the GTA dlc, same city but with all new missions,weapons,modes and cheaper price.

ShoryukenII2607d ago

Are all the old features in? Weapons, mission types, modes, etc.?

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