Has common sense been thrown out the gaming window?

Don Reisinger writes:

"Now that the dust has settled with Manhunt 2 and Rockstar and its parent company Take Two Interactive are being held to the fire once again, the utter lack of knowledge and ignorance that permeates every level of retail has shown its ugly face.

Instead of understanding the nature of the latest Manhunt 2 scandal where gamers could ostensibly view adults-only content in the game through a code hack, Target and others have announced that it will not sell the game on its shelves because 'players can potentially view previously filtered content by altering the game code.'

Simply put, this is one of the most ludicrous and ridiculous decisions I have seen in years by any retailer."

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season0074934d ago

and btw when this author calls target decision about MANHUNT 2 ridiculous , i simply haven't read thru the article

Think about it
watching a movie that someone else kills for something and actually control a character to kill for that comparable?

(have any of you watched Rush Hour 4? remember what the french taxi cab driver says? Americans like killing for nothing....i do think this author should actually think about what ethics is for before making this stupid post)

Loopy4934d ago

Target do what they want with the store.
Target doesn't sell porn movies, it's their choice.
If Target doesn't want to sell Manhunt 2, it's their choice, and personally, I'm fine with it.

Next time, complain to Target why they aren't selling vibrating dildo.