Queen Latifah Takes On Video Gaming With ‘Parks Unleashed’

Queen Latifah chats with Access about her part in the upcoming video game, “Parks Unleashed.” Plus, was she a big fan of video games before signing on to the project?

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Typical hollywood....Whats next,a justin biber game where u have to rescue the illuminati princess lady gaga.

SephirothX212612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

I was thinking of an Amy Whinehouse game where you have to go back in time and save her. If people thought Demon Soul's was difficult...

xtremexx2612d ago

@SephirothX21 awwww, thats mean, respect the dead


lol its probably the usual

"ohhh I LOVE GAMES! yeah really I love Call of duty and Mario on the xbox 360"

Pozzle2611d ago

Lol, reminds me of that American Idol woman who said she was obsessed with Mortal Kombat and plays it all the time...

Interviewer: "So who's your favorite MK character?"
American Idol lady: "Oh, I don't really know any of the characters"


KonaBro2612d ago

I'll check it out just to support Black people for video gaming. I apologize if anyone is offended by that.


@KonaBro...Im black and i understand what u mean. Its not all comments about race that r racist.

musicman650002611d ago

I know this will be off subject, but I like Queen Latifah and how she's branching out to other she ever gonna get married or is she...ya know like that?