GamerPops: Whip your hair back and forth with Just Dance Kids 2

Despite the presence of the truly awful Willow Smith “Whip My Hair” song, we invite you to enjoy this trailer announcing Ubisoft’s upcoming Just Dance Kids 2, coming this fall to an Xbox 360, PS3, and/or Wii near you.

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SilentNegotiator2610d ago

The Smith family. Papa and Mama Smith contributing to the cult, girl smith sings atrocious music that becomes popular because she's daddy's little girl, and boy smith who takes leads in movies that ruins classics. There's a likable little family.

Take away those Move controllers from the kids before I vomit.

At least this isn't "Kid Bops" or modern Sesame Street where they sing "censored" versions of songs that aren't appropriate for kids at all.

ScytheX32610d ago

the fuck is playstation new? or nuu? or nyu?