Gamescom retrospective: Sony missed a trick with the 3D TV

There’s no doubt that stereoscopic 3D brings some extra visual “oomph” to the gaming experience. Killzone 3, MotorStorm Apocalypse and Gran Turismo 5 have all shown off their 3D credentials in some style, and with the likes of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, Resistance 3 and many others set for the same treatment, there is certainly some value in picking up a new 3D TV.

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kharma452662d ago

The biggest trick they missed was not actually making it a TV.

Everywhere I see it written about (bar from Sony) it's called a 3DTV but there is no tuner in this set, it's just a 3D display, and some people are bound to buy it under the pretence of thinking it a TV and end up sorely disappointed.

Marked2662d ago

I did not know that........

just_sayin2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Your right it should be labeled 3d monitor. $500 for a monitor no just no.

Highlife2662d ago

Who uses the built in tv tuner these days. All you do is plug in a cable box or satellite and boom TV.

kharma452662d ago

Most people in the UK if not Europe get their main TV OTA.

Highlife2662d ago

That is great for you guys. We get insane prices for cable and sat tv out here. OTA tv is terible here in the states. I would drop cable and just stream my shows but then I would miss my SPORTS.

jdfoster2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

I agree. But looking at it now... Who uses A TV... Who watches TV? Everyone now has CABLE. In the UK especially, as every has access to free view which you connect to the monitor. I don't see the problem of it not being a TV in an age when people are using cable, free view etc. But yeah I agree people should stop saying this is a TV as people will be disappointed to find out it is just a monitor. But in this modern era. More and more people are buying sky, virgin boxes, free view etc etc... which you just hook up to a 'monitor' or 'tv' etc etc.. :) Also Sony, big gaming websites such as IGN etc, retailers have always labelled this as 3D monitor.. I have not seen any one else suggest it's something different such as a '3D TV' and have always described this as just a 3D monitor. ( Who uses the built in tv tuner these days. All you do is plug in a cable box or satellite and boom TV??? I know @Highlife I don't know one person who uses a built in tv tuner now. They all have virging, sky, free view, cable boxes etc )

DJMarty2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

@kharma45 - It does split screen ,do that on a TV.

Hook 'PlayTV' upto it and it can record TV.

kharma452662d ago

I could be pedantic and say all TV's can do splitscreen fine but I won't :P I know what you meant.

But anyway, that's nothing more than a gimmick really. Local multiplayer on the same screen is becoming less and less common now, and the technology could easily be applied to other active 3D sets with a software update to sync the glasses the way the PS3 3D display does.

As for PlayTV, it's an alright solution but not great.

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Angrymorgan2662d ago

I'm one of those people who game in my living room on my 50" plasma, so like he said, I ain't gonna have 2 TVs in my lounge and besides, I could get a 40" 3d actual tv for like £600-£700 to replace my main tv, so good as they sound, it makes no sense for me to buy one :(

kharma452662d ago

Exactly! Why pay that for a tiny 3D display when you could get something like this for not a whole lot more

Although I'm not a big fan 3D content it's supposed to be an immersive experience that fills your field of view, something a 24" set is not going to do and again why you should save up if you can for a bigger set.

GoldenPheasant2662d ago

This is an oddball entry, really, and it is all because of the size in my opinion. 24" is too small for that price, it really is. I think they goofed on this,I wish them the best,

3D in anything less than a 42" is a little weird too, and this is coming from an avid supporter of the tech.

RaidensRising2662d ago

500 euros is over 700 USD.

hardcorehippiez2662d ago

its ok i suppose but a larger screen tv can be bought for 100 or so more. do want a 3d set but i reckon that the vr headset sony has coming out this xmas will be better for gaming.