The TV Show, "Life" + "Prince of Persia" = Painful Viewing

Want to feel insulted a little nauseous? Then just watch the clip above. Apparently, a recent episode of the NBC crime drama, Life, had a plot involving some drug dealers who stored records of their transactions on their Xbox. Just let that sink in for a moment: they're smart enough to reprogram a video game, but not smart enough to realize that keeping a detailed paper trail of drug deals might not be a good idea. Add in some ridiculous bits about how they have to reach "Level 10? to access them, a whole room of cops gathering around to watch, and some random twitching of fingers and you've got a sequence that's embarrassing for all involved, especially the viewers.

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Cat4934d ago

Now I happen to be a fan of the show "Life", but this episode was the worst, and this segment was the primary reason. It was ridiculous. I don't know if they're trying to tap into the gaming demographic like "Chuck", but this episode failed miserably.

Syko4934d ago

LOL, How many times did that broad push the A button. Plus if the games were stored on the HDD like was indicated, then that means that Xbox was modded and if it was modded then you could just FTP into the HDD and extract the files. A lot easier than hitting the A button 1 million times. Plus if I was in the room I would have said "Try blinking B!TCH"

Agreed, This episode and possibly this show = FAIL

I am glad I chose to only watch the Bionic Woman and stop recording this show on the Tivo.

Cat4934d ago

aw, see I like this show in general, but if the next episode is like this...well, how did your version of the blues clues song go? ..."it makes me wanna wail FAIL!"

Syko4934d ago

Ya it's weird I have been on this FAIL kick lately. For some reason it is really, really funny to me right now. I'll get over it soon I'm sure. Until then this new obsession = FAIL. =P

QUNE4934d ago (Edited 4934d ago )

But ya, they didn't hit a homerun with that part of the episode.

SmokeyMcBear4934d ago

i particularly liked the segment where he notices her in the background twitching fingers and slowly grabs her hand and leads here in.. classic. Im not sure whats worse, this segment, or analyzing the twitching of said fingers.

Milkman5414934d ago

Oh wow, you really gotta be kidding...maybe the worse part is a 13 year old girl beating PoP...

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The story is too old to be commented.