K-Mart shoppers take 20% off PS3 hardware

Select K-Mart stores this week began to honor a 20 percent off coupon for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 hardware at brick and mortar locations.

Members of deal website this week confirmed that the coupon could apply to the latest Playstation hardware to provide a substantial discount to either the 40GB or 80GB SKU.

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shmee4360d ago

It is just a matter of time before competition is totally killed off by PS3

tethered4360d ago

Its not going kill off any competition.
Why do people say things like that?

Competition is good!

marinelife94360d ago

That will get you a 80gig PS3 for $399.
Or a 40gig for $319
sweet deal!

Snukadaman4359d ago (Edited 4359d ago )

heres proof....these pics were taken today at my local best buy...I said when i got my camera i was going too take pics...not one 40 gig out o those pallets have been least someone is buying the 80 gigs...too be fair there were plenty of elites and premiums, but everyone allready knows that...its only idiots like shmee who think that 40 gig is selling like falafels....

guy on the bottom...fridays is when they get their new shipments...they dont lug out boxes too restock..believe it.

Panthers4359d ago

i hate when people take those pics. they could jsut keep them well stocked. They arent going to sell right away like the Wii.

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picker3324360d ago (Edited 4360d ago )

When is uncharted released in europe?
Need an answer!

picker3324360d ago

Oh man.
Too long wait,i better buy cod 4 mean time.

QUNE4360d ago

It's 20% off any 1 item in store. It just so happens that the PS3 is the most popular deal people are using it for.

kurochi4360d ago

it'd be great if K-mart still have some old 60 gig versions with B/C??? Ah..... I already got mine....

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