Media Giants Flocking to In-Game Ads

NBC Uni's move into the video game ads space augurs a trend. Analysts believe more non-gaming media companies will join the space in the near future.

When Microsoft bought the in-game advertising network Massive last year, it was said that the purchase validated the business of selling ads inside video games. But Microsoft was already in the games business, of course, and knew full well the value of in-game ads.

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highps34923d ago

Now we have to deal with annoying advertising. I think there is enough already! Sad sad day...

360's interface is already ad ridden looks horrible. No part of that is acceptable. XMB is great and a lot better IMO. Hope it stays ad free.

herculese14923d ago

So this means cheaper games comming because ads will be paying for some of it now right?


Enigma_20994923d ago

They DID say that in game advertising was going to affect the price of games, didn't they?

Wonder what the next lie they tell us will be?