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IncGamers: Some good ideas are ruined by sub-par level design and a reluctance to take risks. Multiplayer and Challenge modes are fun but the rest is largely forgettable.

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toxic-inferno2609d ago

Meh. Driv3r got terrible reviews, and I've spent the last two days playing that, and thoroughly enjoying it, even though it's horrendously outdated.

StanLee2609d ago

This game looked like rubbish from the jump. The demo was underwhelming as well. Can't believe Edge gave it an 8. Just retarded.

toxic-inferno2609d ago

Each to their own I guess. I thought the demo showed that the game had a lot of potential personally, and the shift ability made the online game modes very fresh feeling.

N3FAR1052609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

OPM gave it an 8 as well. The major turn off for me is this 'Shift' thing. It's verging on superhero territory.

the-thing-that-is2609d ago

the demo was terrible. an 8 from a lot of publications means a 6 or 7 in others. no one will remember this game come xmas. you can quote me on that on dec 25th

Quagmire2609d ago

Whoever came up with the Shift idea needs to be fired.

toxic-inferno2609d ago

Really? I'm a bit of a fan of it I'm afraid. I think it works perfectly, bringing a new (unrealistic but interesting) edge to the gameplay.

I think the only problem with it is that it may be a little ahead of its time.

Quagmire2609d ago

Maybe if it was implemented in a new franchise/ip. I just want what Driver was originally.

toxic-inferno2609d ago

I did read somewhere that you could play the whole game, minus one or two missions without ever using shift.