Sonic CD Details: Built on Retro Engine, true widescreen support, physics improved

DSOGaming writes: "Yesterday we informed you about the re-release of Sonic CD on the PC – alongside the release in pretty much every gaming platform. Well, today we are happy to bring you some juicy details about it and let us tell you that this won’t be a simple emulated version of the Sega CD game. No, it will be something a little bit more than that with proper widescreen support and improved physics."

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Rainstorm812613d ago

This was one of my favorite Sonics...i must have this...

"Sonic booom...sonic booom...." (singing the theme song)

mindedone2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

I'm definitely purchasing this. Idk how I feel about the physics change though

Edit: I may be seeing the past through rose colored glasses, but I don't remember there being a problem with the physics

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