Sony Gold Plated HDMI, Optical and USB 2.0 Cables For PS3, PS2 and PSP

"Sony is pushing the combo of the Playstation 3 and Sony PSP with it's first party lineup packages of USB 2.0 and video cables. Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) will be releasing gold plated cables for use with the Playstation 3, PS2 and PSP.

The video, USB 2.0 and audio Sony cables are:

- HDMI Cable + USB 2.0 Cable Pack (PS3/PSP)
- Component AV Cable + USB 2.0 Cable Pack (PS3/PS2/PSP)
- USB 2.0 Cable Pack (PS3/PS2)
- Optical Digital Cable (PS3/PS2)" -Gaming Bits

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Bonsai12144924d ago

There has never been a need to buy brandname cables... newegg ftw. $15 hdmi, $18 optical. and its all excellent.

though it is nice for them to release something with the official sony brandname on it.

doublertist4924d ago (Edited 4924d ago )

gamestop has the adapter which works with the guitar i got mine for $15

Darkiewonder4924d ago

something doesn't work right? lawlz.

I've read about it. it's not really properly working but it works. I'll wait for one that IS 100% Compatible ;o

Golem4924d ago

Monoprice is easily the best place to buy cables from on the net. I bought HDMI cables on two occasions from them and they were less than $8 each after shipping. There is no reason to have gold plating on any cable that is not analog because the signal will not degrade. You're simply dealing with zeros and ones not a variable strength. The only possible reason would be to prevent corrosion.

hahahabutt4924d ago (Edited 4924d ago )

I was so shocked how good those cables came. In rap and all. I got me a 1.3a hdmi cable (for my HD cable box) and 1.2a hdmi cable (for my xbox 360) and they worked flawlessly with awsome results (also they where gold plated). They got to my house in exactly 3 days of purchasing them too. I agree. people if you want cables that cost like 90 or 50 dollars, you will get them for like 8 dollars at monoprice. no lie. is the best to buy your cables.

LeX4924d ago

I totally agree. I just discovered them the other day and I will only buy cables from monoprice from now on.

Apocwhen4924d ago

Gold plated HDMI cables are such a waste of money and a scam
With digital its 0's and 1's, it either works or it doesn't. Theres no variables in between. Talk about selling sand to the Arabs. If a HDMI cable was coated in all the gold from Fort Knox it would still do the same job as a standard HDMI cable

Charlie26884924d ago

Actually there are some pretty crappy HDMI cables out there, just look in Amazon there are a couple cables that have miserable reviews for being of ultra bad quality and they are still somewhat expensive

so yes many times one must be sure of exactly what kind one is buying and sometimes (NOT all) the brand ones give that security to the buyer

but then we have the Monster Cable ones that well...are a little excessive >.>

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