RoboAwesome's Madden 12 | Review (Xbox 360)

"It’s that time of year again when people who you might not think are gamers put on their NFL jerseys, lace up their expensive Nike’s, turn their Affliction hats sideways, and drive to the local game store for the midnight release of phenomenon known as Madden. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Madden 12 is here to suck the life out of many gamers. Time once again to mute your headset or be victimized by 14 year olds as they call you terrible names or free style rap about how much you suck because you can’t stop him from using the same Michael Vick end around play over and over again. Is this year’s Madden just another overpriced roster update, or is the game worth full price?"

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AronDeppert2611d ago

Say what you will about the poor quality of annualized games, but Madden is consistently scored well year after year!

Moduserous2611d ago

John Madden looks like a loaf of bread.

RoboRyan2611d ago

I'm still on the fence about this one. It doesn't sound like a lot of the negatives from last year's installment were fixed, so I have to wonder how different the experience will be.

Sidology2611d ago

Every time I read about football, I am reminded of this video.

detroitmademe2611d ago

I think madden is 1 of the better annual releases,but theres still ALOT of room 4 improvement& I would still like to see it have some competition