Sarcastic Gamer Survival Guide: Virtua Fighter 5

"This is a perfect example of what makes a good fighting game great. The problem is, most people are turned off or "just aren't into" them anymore. Most players find long lists of moves and techniques intimidating, or just too frustrating to learn.

VF5 could change your mind, but you have to give it a chance. Read my reasons you might like it after the break!" - Sarcastic Gamer

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Cynical-Gamerzus4963d ago

I'm sorry but when I played this on my PS3 I just kept thinking this feels like the original Model 2 arcade game and nothing has changed,,The stages are confined the levels static ,No weapons no exciting backgrounds ,just something thats been done on the dreamcast already and done to death..SEGA stop being so behind the times and think Ahead and start to bring creativity to the new Mature gaming audience for god Sake what Happen to SEGA!!!!!!!!!!!