GamesCom 2011 Preview: Darksiders 2 - PlayDevil

PlayDevil posted a new GamesCom 2011 preview of THQ's upcoming sequel "Darksiders 2".

Here's more:

"Death’s substitution of War as the lead character should also bring with it alterations. War was by his nature a noble warrior, covered in armour, powerful and direct. Death will often forgo War's directness, preferring plotting where he can. This will show in the structure of the game, with town areas offering new interactions and options to the game. This format is to enable Darksiders 2 to have a denser, branching story as Death slowly uncovers clues to help with his investigation. These towns will also offer the more style conscious personality of Death the chance to tailor his look. Shopping will allow a range of powers, weapons and outfits to be accessed, allowing more alterations to be made to the character of Death than was ever possible with War."

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