5 Dollars for Borderlands

The shoot and loot RPG is available on the Steam platform for only $4.99, and the GOTY edition costs $7.49.

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maawdawg2637d ago

so many great gaming hours for $7.50. I bought Borderlands day 1 on 360 and every DLC at each launch for $10 a pop. I spent $100 total and feel like I still got my money's worth.

At $7.50 you should be ashamed if you don't buy in and check it out. :)

Farsendor12637d ago

bought it the last time it was on sale have not played a lot of it but from what i did play its pretty good. better than i thought it would be

Quagmire2637d ago

Where would we be without Steam? PSN is crazily overpriced.

Dojan1232637d ago

Got it last night. I have been going back and forth on this one. But for for this price I could not pass it up. Now I need to find time to play it.

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