What If It Had Achievements? – Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Daily Joypad's Dan writes:

"We’re back this week with another list of theoretical achievements for a game that doesn’t have them. This week, we take a look at the classic Grand Theft Auto Vice City and imagine what kind of things you’d have to do to garner the full 1000G.

As always, we’re not holding back on the spoilers, so if you don’t want Vice City spoiled then stop reading now. We won’t be disappointed in you! Just be sure to come back when you’ve done playing it."

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zoks3102613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

The good old days, I replayed vice city like an SNES game, my friends would call me over the phone and ask me for directions to certain areas. I knew the streets of VC better than I knew my own town lol. Easily one of the best games ever. The studio missions were the best in my opinion.

OllieBoy2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

The porn studios with Candy Suxx? Yeah, those were awesome. Dennis Hopper and Jenna Jameson were both great in their voice roles.

I also liked doing missions for the Cubans. Their gang war with the Haitians was one the best things about the game.

ainsz2613d ago

That isn't the best of lists, where are the fun trophies that aren't related to doing missions. Something like, run over 50 people in a golf caddy. Or find the vice city news chopper. Or discover the secret basketball minigame. Stuff like that. Nice try though.

spacedelete2613d ago

good list. lol'ed at the crazy taxi achievement.