[email protected] To Get A New GUI

"If you use [email protected] on your PC, you probably either do so by running a console command, or the ugly GUI currently being used. Either way, you don't get to enjoy the nifty GUI first seen on the PS3. That will all change in a few weeks.

Both the PC CPU and GPU clients will be adopting a GUI similar to that of PS3. Furthermore, it looks like the GPU client has been greatly improved, and they are working on a MacOS version as well.

If you haven't joined in on [email protected] yet, what are you waiting for? Help a good cause, be a part of history (the program is constantly breaking records). Why not join our team while you're at it? Just enter team #500 and you're in". - Hardcoreware

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Jen5en4926d ago

This is great news! I hope it'll make more PC users jump into some number crunching. A great 3D simulation is much more appealing to the general community, which is, IMO, why the PS3 folding is so popular.

This is for a good cause, so get foldin'!

Karebear4926d ago

Or join the n4g team!

The team number for is 61588.

Our team stats:

as of this writing we are 685 of 87137 . Not bad eh?

NRG4926d ago (Edited 4926d ago )

I've been folding for over a year now, gotten a few hundred work units done, and I would really recommend it. It doesn't cause hang-ups at all while performing normal tasks in windows. While it can easily use all 100% of and CPU, the program is well written to let up on it perfectly if any single other program calls work upon the CPU. It might up your energy bill a tad, as well as add heat to any small room your computer might be in.

Get to it if you haven't already on your PS3, the cell eats this stuff like cake.

dalibor4926d ago

hell yeah i def agree folding is sweet i usually fold when iam on the computer, or if iam at work and if iam not using my ps3. iam so glad that folding @home is on the ps3. keep crunching em #'s people. the new update looks awsome

Yo Mama4926d ago

I wish Sony would totally revamp the PSN and the XMB GUI.

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