Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Aircraft Line-Up Revealed

Namco Bandai Games has today revealed the selection of aircraft that will be available for gamers to pilot in the forthcoming Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. Set for release this October, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is currently in development for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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Xof2609d ago

Bah. Shitty hitbaiting misleading titles.

It's only 4 aircraft.

F-22A Raptor
F-117A Nighthawk
F-35B Lightning II

TheShow172609d ago

I know, I was expecting the full list. Does anyone have a link or info on all the aircraft that will be in the game?

Rattlehead202609d ago

I'm hoping the Typhoon, SU-27 or Tornado are in it.