Modern Warfare 3 gets folding scopes, Punisher grenade launcher

OXM UK: "Modern Warfare 3 will be awash with guns, each tailored to a particular scenario, but you won't necessarily have to swap in a new firearm when you switch styles. Scopes can now be folded down on certain weapons, transforming ranged pluggers to up-close-and-personal blasters in the blink of an eye."

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iamnsuperman2610d ago

I do like the idea of folding scopes.

dirigiblebill2610d ago

Definitely. Not so sold by the grenade launcher though.

iamnsuperman2610d ago

I know what you mean. It might be way too good on the open maps but not so good on the tight maps. I am interested to see how they will sought it out

dirigiblebill2610d ago

It needs to be a real one-shot affair, for my money, as what they're basically proposing is a handheld mortar launcher. The kids will go nuts.

59Martins592610d ago

Well, I don't know how retarded you must be to keep GLs in a game when the community, the people that pay your company, keep telling you to take it off the game.


Jaybronee2610d ago

Owned Black Ops from day one and never unlocked a grenade launcher. Refuse to use the ole noob tube...

perdie2609d ago

same here. 4.10 KD without a noobtube

perdie2606d ago

how could anyone disagree with my stats?

Jaybronee2600d ago

I got a disagree for not ever using a noob tube. WTF??