360 likely to get a price cut

Fudzilla: Microsoft to respond to Sony for holidays: Sources have told us that we should expect Microsoft to respond to Sony’s slashing of the PlayStation 3 by $50. According to the whispers that we are hearing, Microsoft is planning to slash the price of their console by $50 as well.

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mcstorm2637d ago

Well if its true than i see xbox with kinect sales picking up even more over Christmas. I can see all 3 home consoles having a big end to the year but i think the 3ds will have the biggest.

earbus2637d ago

True likely before gears 3 or xmas hols.

Agent_hitman2637d ago

Make it $10 price xbox 360 morons!.. MiS is realy desperate to defeat sony even though they are losing money each of the 360s they sold.. the only source of their income is LIVE and software sales...

These poor bastard should admit that they cannot take it anymore... the charisma of sony

death2smoochie2637d ago

You are one sad troll. The xbox was making a profit on each console well before the PS3.
I suggest you troll harder.

TheXtreme2637d ago

Atleast MS take a loss and make it cheaper for us consumers than charging $600 for a console just so that they can ship it with unnecessary hardware


cyclonus0072637d ago

My shelf of BluRay movies enjoys the PS3 just fine.

Ask the people who paid for the 360's HD DVD drive about what is really unnecessary.

Tito082637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Unnecessary hardware???? 360 didn't have wifi built-in, now they did add it after 5 years on the market, before you had to pay $100 for the adaptor, let's see, at the time, $100 for the wifi, $50 for live, high end model 360 $400, it was $550, $50 difference from the 60gb PS3, yeah, "unnecessary hardware" how clever you are!!!!

And the HD-DVD adaptor was $200 at the time, so it would of being $750!!!!!

Plus 60gb and 20gb PS3s were full backwards compatible despite later models removing the feature and are region free, meaning I can buy all the imported games I want!!!!

josephps32637d ago

Even if xbox was $199 Vs ps $249. The PS3 is still better because of just 3 reasons alone:

For just $50 more for the ps3 you get:

1) 160GB instead of 4GB. Non proprietary HD makes it cheaper to upgrade. Just 160GB HD alone is worth $50 right there.

2) Bluray player. Standalone players now cost $79. But that`s Walmart cheap quality. PS3 bluray is comparable to $300 standalone players. The video and audio is top notch. Little things like loading time and disc eject times are fast.

3) Free network play. $60 a year for xbox. Say the next gen is release 2014- 3 years from now. 3x$60 is $180. If the next gen cost $400, by going with PS3 you`ve already saved up almost half to buy the next gen. Just put $60 away in a piggy bank every year lol.

zinki332637d ago

How about them games,..? That would be number 1, for me at least,..

josephps32637d ago

3rd party developers finally got the hang of Cell and multiplatforms don`t suck on PS3. PS3 exclusives are better and more of them but that`s subjective.

When PS3 first came out at $600 it was ridiculous. Sony can try and hope to sell it at that price but people are not stupid. The sales proved that because all around the world ppl were scratching their head and asking themselves: Why am I going to pay double than xbox for a machine that plays the sames games and many of them are a lot worst (madden 07) and the few exclusives are a joke (Genji, Lair, Haze) PS3 sales sucked and always lagged xbox. But slowly PS3 sales rose because they cut the price and the games started to get better.

Now at $250 its just a no brainer. Unless you`re already an xbox user the a large library and used to it. I just recently bought a PS3 because I didn`t have either system and just made a logical sensible choice.

cyclonus0072637d ago

@ josephps3

What's funny is that even with the highest launch price this gen, bad multiplatform ports, and no games the PS3 is selling faster than a system that came out a year earlier (even longer in some regions) with no competition.

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