Gearbox On Creating A Canon With Aliens: Colonial Marines I checked out Aliens: Colonial Marines when I popped over to the SEGA gamescom booth to say hi to a friend and, within minutes, it became one my highlights of the show. I’m not as familiar with the Aliens films as many, I remember seeing one of them on TV as a child and not sleeping well for a few days, but judging it purely as a shooter, it is looking very impressive. (PS BLOG)

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Garethvk2636d ago

I loved what I saw at E3 and PAX but the question I have is how is the setting even possible when the reactor blew creating a cloud the size of Nebraska. The demo showed the colony but it and all traces of the Aliens should have been wiped clean including the derelict ship.

shaun mcwayne2635d ago

then ripley wakes up, its sci fi anything is possible.

Garethvk2635d ago

Its funny, shortly after Alien 3 we did a spec script with just that premise. I may write it up as fan fiction and publish it.

AO1JMM2636d ago

I have high hopes for this game.