An Electronic Arts partner can't use Porsche?

CarlosX360 Writes: "Electronic Arts blocked Porsche from Forza Motorsports racing for Xbox 360. This is a company that has been supporting Xbox since the first console landed on retail. Microsoft and EA Sports have made contracts over Madden, NASCAR, and other sports games. Turn 10 is a company created by Microsoft to create a simulation game competing against Gran Turismo. I think blocking Porsche from Turn 10 will just piss off Microsoft more than it has the gaming industry as a whole."

EDIT: I can't really find an image the "fits" the N4G image size. I uploaded a large size and it doesn't show the image in full rectangle box.

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aviator1892638d ago

EA's falling back into their old habits again. They're getting bigger with battlefield 3 among other titles and they're just pissed their NFS titles can't seem to pick up more sales than their predecessors.

Chocoboh2638d ago

Yep.. it really shows that EA is blowing it out their ass with the upcoming Battlefield 3. Many of the kids praising EA now a days obviously weren't around pre 2006 and the last NFS game I played that I enjoyed was Most Wanted on the PS2

Sometimes I hate Activision but hot damn I hate EA just as much with their introducing of the online pass and cutting off content from the games and more

iamnsuperman2637d ago

All the companies go round in circles. I remember when ubisoft were great then sucked (far cry 2 era) now are great. EA were great, then really really awful, then great and now they are childish. They seem to go through cycles of being great and then not so. EA need to get there act in order. We all know BF3 looks great but there is no need or comments like "rot to the core". I am starting to dislike EA all over again.

Army_of_Darkness2637d ago

well at least EA is trying to push boundries unlike MS holding back developers from wanting to possibly do more on other platforms!

I say, Good job EA for pissing them off;) serves them right!

Lazy_Sunday2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

I miss open world NFS, and for whatever reason, when they decided to start yearly production, they cheapened the brand. Make a good damn open world NFS game--nobody wants to play NFS Shift when we have GT5, Forza, and F1 doing the same damn thing. Be yourself damn you NFS. Be your fucking self.

Gray-Fox-Type02637d ago

EA are being scumbags they use to be. Wow restricting a car from Forza, if they did give it will make many racing fans happy and will increase the rep of EA for not being a greedy money making coperation.

Boody-Bandit2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Oh okay. So EA are scumbags for not allowing Turn 10 to include Porsche in Forza 4 than what is MS for holding this industry hostage?

Whats good for the goose

Miths2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

I still can't believe EA has been the sole company sitting on the Porsche license for so many years now. Either they must be paying a fortune for it, or the EA lawyers conned the Porsche lawyers back when the deal was made. Probably the latter :).

dark-hollow2637d ago

And people say activision are bad.

EA almost gonna hit Bobby kotic's douchebagery level.

theEx1Le2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

They passed that level years ago, then toned it down, but seem to be picking up pace again.

toxic-inferno2637d ago

EA should really drop Need For Speed. It's gone past its "Best Before" date, and needs to be dropped in favour of something that more easily matches today's market, rather than just revamping an old series.

Quagmire2637d ago

Shift 2 is a blast to play, Hot Pursuit was great, and The Run looks really impressive.

Not sure how you could think its worse than their previous Carbon/Pro Street/Undercover record.

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The story is too old to be commented.