Five games to get you through a war

Games Radar:

"The debate over the relationship (or not) between videogames and violence continues ever onward. Some say games unleash the inner rage-monster in us all, while others advocate them as doing just the opposite, championing them as great fun and great stress relief. If a convincing argument was ever needed for that latter standpoint, it's come this week with the announcement of Fun For Our Troops, a new charity initiative which plans to kit out the US military with gaming equipment to help them kick back during down time."

"If they can distract hardened military personnel from the horrors of war in even our currently less than relaxing times, surely videogames must be doing something right. But which games are most suitable for playing in a war zone? Which ones are going to best take the edge off the experience, and which, if any, can ensure victory? Follow us as we explore the best games to play in the middle of a war, and learn just which discs you'll be needing in your ration pack if you're ever called up to frag for real."

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I played all those games except Electroplankton ...