Final Fantasy Type-0 Delayed Two Weeks

Andriasang: Square Enix announced today a delay in Final Fantasy Type-0's release. Originally scheduled for release on October 13, the game will now arrive on October 27. Pricing remains the same, ¥7,700.

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knifefight2611d ago

Wow who could have predicted such a thing?
Oh wait, me.

laaakokaracha2610d ago

The game wont be released in the west right?

damn what a failure to have such significant problems with the game...I have no words for this

knifefight2610d ago

It'll be released in the West. It has "Final Fantasy" in the title ;)

Xof2610d ago

Where's that assumption coming from?

I've seen a lot of people indicate that the PSP is somehow "dead" overseas. That strikes me as odd, seeing as how there are so many not-yet-released, AAA titles in the future--Frontier Gate, Legend of Heroes: Skies of Zero and its sequel, Final Fantasy Type-0, Valkyria Chronicles 3, etc., etc.

The only real concern I have for the PSP is that Sony won't bother stepping up the PSP games released on PSN--which is a huge deal given the PSVita's limited form of b/c.

knifefight2610d ago


Final Fantasy games come to the West because they always have selling power, regardless of system "life" or how long past its prime it might be.

When it comes to localizations and sales figures, Final Fantasy is the exception, not the rule. It's not even in the same league as the other titles you list. Valkyria Chronicles is my favorite series, but sadly, its sales can't touch FF's by a long shot. That's a AAA title that miiiight end up staying in Japan. If Square made it and you slapped "Final Fantasy Valkyria" on it, however, it'd be guaranteed to make money and be a lock for West release.

Trust me dude. Type-0 is coming to the West. It might not be quick but it will happen. I don't put my stamp of guarantee on many things, but I can guarantee that.

laaakokaracha2610d ago

:)yes thats true! I sure hope it will...

I have the feeling it will get released later on PSP Vita for the western would help sell the device...I know I would buy it straight away if the ff 0 is available for it