Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Reviewed by Shacknews

On paper, Io Interactive's Kane & Lynch: Dead Men sounds like a potentially fantastic title: A duo-centric crime game from the makers of the Hitman franchise, mimicking the excellent squad mechanics of the studio's critically acclaimed but underappreciated Freedom Fighters and wrapping it all in a heist-themed, story-driven piece of interactive entertainment. The big-budget title should've been the one to bring the Danish studio mainstream recognition after delivering several solid games.

It should've been, but it won't be.

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Blood_Spiller4932d ago

Sad, but I never thought this game would be all that great. A lot of the gameplay videos just looked boring and uninspired.

MK_Red4932d ago

Wow, after Assassins, another game looks to be getting bad reviews. I don't know much about gameplay of this one and haven't had a hands-on but I agree graphics look weak.

RadientFlux4932d ago

Looks like "Kane & Lynch" is going to be another above-average game (70% to 85%) score wise. I am probably going to pick it up in a few weeks since I am big fan of their past games and Micheal Mann.

lawman11084932d ago

UNDER $ 30 bucks, look who runs out and pays $60 bucks for ANY game unless its HALO3, Mass EFFECT COD4 I guess R7C if your into that. The deal of the year has been Orange Box 5 games (great games) one disc

Panthers4932d ago

COD4 is probably the only one you need if you play online. I think Haze might be good to. Plus uncharted.

Skerj4932d ago

I still wanna pick this up for the Fragile Alliance mode, and to see the story told.