Rise of Isengard: Lore-master Developer Diary

LOTR: Lore-masters have a lot of breadth in the skills and abilities they have access to. Crowd control and debuffing are the Lore-master’s bread and butter, but they’re also able to deal respectable damage, provide some spot healing when needed and have a variety of pets they can use. Seeing as how many Lore-masters were quite pleased with the armor set bonuses in Ost Dunhoth, which provided significant bonuses to healing, I decided for this update to focus on the Lore-master’s ability to provide healing. The majority of these changes occur in the “Keeper of Animals” trait line, allowing Lore-masters to better fill in the role of an off-healer if they choose. I look forward to seeing how these changes are used and how we can continue to improve the Lore-master in its many varied roles.

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