First Assassin's Creed video blog

Ubisoft released this first video web blog of Assassin's Creed, where the game's producer Jade Raymond interviews Patrice Désilet, creative director, about his work on this still very mysterious game.

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PS3 Ultimate5865d ago

I already saw the blog 3 days ago. Try again TheMART. Too slow! The future is almost here, with The PLAYSTATION 3! AC will be a great game on the next generation consoles and PC.

TheMART5865d ago

Well, why didn't you post it then overhere?

You are slow. And lazy. And dull because your future is delayed over and over again, so it's old cheese the time it will arrive for you.

My future is here, is now. Jump in. Assassins Creed will be damn fine on it. Because all the screenshots you saw up to now, were 360 screens and Sony fans are drewling over it.

Sony = overpromissing & underdelivering. So lametime get over it

THAMMER15865d ago

Why are you so mad bro its just a game console. If you were not so busy being a hater you mite be atleast a little happy. The PS3 has been delayed and cut down and down scaled so many times it even a pain to people who are not even interested any more. The 360 is a good machine the PS3 mite be we will see soon right? And yeah we know that AC was the only reason to get a PS3 in the past but look at it like this when games came out cross platform for the X1 and PS2 I used to choose the X1 version over the PS2 version because of better graphics and if all the hope for the PS3 to have better graphics is true you do not have any reason to be head hunting The MArt. So get a life bro the PS3 will be here and you have a leg up because you’re a fan boy it won’t even matter to you if it blows. Showing how desperate you are is lame. Gamers are injoying the 360 because it is fun and has awsome HD graphics. Fan boys are sad and sick becuase you belive more in a game console than finding a way to injoy your life.

Fuzz McDeath5864d ago

Old news or not, everyone should watch any vid with Jade Raymond in it - she's the cutest girl in videogames.

Loved her as a correspondent on Electric Playground (though she seemed awkward and not very eloquent or confident on there). At some point she got her act together and now she's a big shot at EA - beauty and brains - noice!