Two Legends Not Appearing In WWE '12 Roster

THQ has confirmed two legends who will not be making their way onto the WWE '12 roster this year.

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agentxk2636d ago

Anybody want a peanut?

mike1up2636d ago

Owen Hart would be awesome, but no surprise there.

No Andre the Giant is just wrong.

ShadowKingx2635d ago

Goldberg. why not? THQ said they was using HCTP as a template. i think goldberg should be DLC.

Andre RIP, Owen RIP

still looking to be the greatest wrestling game of all time. with 75 superstars.

now if THQ gets the Match Types right. they could be looking at GOTY. just goes to show when you listen to the fans like they are. money will FLOW LIKE A RIVER.