GameTrailers Level: Chronicles of Riddick: Prison Break

"The sweet taste of freedom is made all the more enjoyable after the depiction of captivity in Escape from Butcher Bay."

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RyuDrinksTheDew4059d ago

one of my favorites of all time.

i recently beat it again, just as good as i remember. :)

floetry1014059d ago

This is a great series by Gametrailers, almost as good as Pop Fiction. More people should be watching them.

Cajun Chicken4059d ago

Thinking of playing this again soon.

Quagmire4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )


One of, if not THE Best film-based video games. The gameplay is excellent. Its in first person, but if you think about using a gun for much of it, consider yourself dead. This is strict stealth, stick-to-the-shadows, shoot-out-the-lights type of stealth.

And the health system? A perfect mix of health bar and regenerative.

BattleAxe4058d ago

Like the movies, but the game gets repetitive after a while. I liked The Darkness though, and it was clear that it was influenced quite a bit by Escape from Butcher Bay.