5 Reasons to Hate GameStop

GP Editor, Marcus Estrada writes, "GameStop certainly proved themselves to be against consumer choice this week. It's true that they do have their own streaming game service, Spawn, in the works but is that any reason to rip out a competitor's coupon? It seems to me an extremely childish response and uncalled for."

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx2663d ago

Gamestop is really the only gamestop near my house so i don't have a choice but too use them. I've never had a problem with gamestop though, all of the games i ever bought were all ShrinkWrapped.
I know i hear about people having problems all the time with gamestop but that was just never the case with me.
But i really don't support gamestop much anyways, i barley buy used games from their, i much prefer amazon :)

darthv722662d ago

its all about the buy 2 get 1 free. You can find some gems from time to time. I dont believe in their whole edge card program (or whatever its called now).

I never spent enough in the store to warrant a return on investment. I did like the magazine though.

The_Devil_Hunter2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

Amazon all the way. Especially since im a Prime Shipping Member, I love their prices. Its hard to say no sometimes and they are always SEALED!
I cant really think why people buy at GameStop anyway.
Im afraid that its because of parents of kids who want to buy something nice for their children are the reason why Gamestop still exists. But then again its not the parents fault.

Elimin82662d ago

"Amazon all the way.' I agree 100%... That's where I get all my games.... with the exception of some serious DLC exclusives...

SilentNegotiator2662d ago (Edited 2662d ago )

1) They create local jobs
2) Great return policy
3) Good sales
4) Rewards for repeat customers
5) They through away advertisement for a competitor instead of giving it to their customers like any freaking business would. Stop being such a baby. And yes, they don't give you full value on your games....they're a business and must profit, boo hoo.

Magnus2663d ago

I usally go to Best Buy or Wal-mart depending on the title. If its a rare title like Hyper Demnsion Neptunia I go to Gamestop I don't trade in games there the really low ball the trade in credits unless you apply your trade towards a new game.

Pozzle2662d ago

I'm an Aussie so there's no way I'm going to buy games from an actual store here, when I can get them new for half price on ebay. Especially not after EB Games (who are owned by Gamestop iirc?) tried to rip me off by selling a second-hand PS3 as brand new. Bastards.

kma2k2662d ago

I do personally love there return policies. No questions asked full refurn if returned within 7 days on used games. :)

NyGiants72662d ago

I really just don't care about Gamestop anymore. Only other video game store in my town is Play N Trade and the only get like 3 copies of new games and usually don't have any games for PS3. I would buy from Amazon but I don't feel like waiting for it to get here, unless it comes with a good deal (Like Madden12 comes with 20$ video game amazon credit)

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The story is too old to be commented.