Pandamobile4656d ago

Wow, no shit, the game isn't coming out for like 6-8 months.

LoVeRSaMa4655d ago

True, its likely its going to turn out like 'Condition Zero' it had texture updates and was basically the same game like a 20% improvement in graphics and animations BUT..

People who play CS like to be good at it, and people wont switch to this unless its a big upgrade.

Hitboxes changes, animation changes wont be liked unless its using a totally different engine, lets divide the Counter Strike Community even more, its already split into 1.6 and CSS :P

Lazy_Sunday4655d ago (Edited 4655d ago )

6-8 months may seem like a lot of time, but sadly, it isn't. They need to completely redo models to make them look more up to date, and they need shaders for field of view and blur. I'd like to see a large amount of new content, but that could take up to a year. It's not like it'll drop the framerate, my Macbook Air runs Counterstrike at a considerable 120+FPS constant, and 60FPS goes for MW2. This game just looks like a polished last gen game, and that can change and still look and feel like the same unforgiving CS we all know and love.

What's worse is that CoD actually looks better than this. I know it's rehash of old mechanics brought into the new, but for an online only game, especially a rehashed Counterstrike, I expected more. This just feels like a money grab, they could seriously do better with this.


Not bad looking, has potential

ATi_Elite4656d ago


This is not Counter Strike 2.....but merely cleaning up some mechanics and visuals of CS:S to make CS:GO more Pro Gamer league friendly which should of been done years ago.

Just think of it as an expansion pak!!

thematrix12984655d ago

CS:S has way better graphic then this IMO.

Ravenor4655d ago


The weapon models....MAYBE, everything else looks better then Source.

Remember the single skin that the T's and CT's launched with on CS Source? They were awful and replaced eventually with the 4 skins per side which did look better.

It's also important to note that this game is something Valve probably wants to be able to run on a wide assortment of machines.

Perjoss4655d ago

"needs more work"

so does your bubble count sir

Coffin874655d ago

you're the one to talk.

4655d ago
evrfighter4655d ago

all you need is 1 bubble to s

newn4gguy4655d ago

Guys... @Perjoss says something legitimately noteworthy and you shoot him down. What the frick is wrong with you?

I'm bubbling him up. You guys are tools.

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Gray-Fox-Type04655d ago (Edited 4655d ago )

looks fun for a downloadable game. Will cater for the hardcore and counter strike fans. Oh graphics aint everything...

Genghis4655d ago

dunno if i can go back to no iron sights...

Ravenor4655d ago

Yeah it's really hard without that snap to ADS stuff eh?

If Iron sights are really whats holding you back from enjoying Counter Strike, you were never going to like Counter Strike.

Genghis4655d ago

i liked cs when i played it 11 years ago. there have been some games released since then. stop trying to wax nostalgic by praising classic stuff that has obviously been improved upon in since 1999. you're essentially a poser hipster for video games lol

snipes1014655d ago

I agree genghis I love ads.

@ravenor...listen don't be a jerk. The addition of ADS does not in any way shape or form suggest there would be auto aim. Battlefield has had ads for quit some time and there is no auto aim or snap to of any kind there.

I used to play counter strike and liked it, but I love the look/feel of ads, which will probably get me crucified here but whatever, it's what I think.

thePatriot4655d ago

gameplay looks good to me. I would buy it as it is right now. dont really care about the graphics if thats what you all are bitching about

haqshot4655d ago

If your first and apparently primary concern is the game's graphics, CS is not for you. CS is for those who enjoy a game where skill and teamwork trump all else. In fact, any and all comparisons to recent CoD games are completely undeserving. Comparing a skill-based shooter like CS to a game that arms its 12-year-olds with "tactical" nukes, carpet bombs dropped from a f*&%ing jet fighter, personal missiles, and a pack of roaming wild dogs is laughable. Unfortunately, "modern" fps is also synonymous with "easy" fps. Oh, did I mention default radar? Yes, it's reached that point where fps players are such noobs that they need to know exactly where on the map the enemey is at ALL times.

ofx3604655d ago

I hope you know there are modes without Perks, Airstrikes, and such. Just an FYI for the everyday Cod hater.

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gravemaker4656d ago (Edited 4656d ago )

looks like CS:S
very outdated, very

Forbidden_Darkness4656d ago

It's the gameplay that makes Counter Strike so addictive, not the graphics.

e-p-ayeaH4656d ago

Alot people still play CS 1.6 and CZ everyday and still keep upgrading their graphic cards once in a while.