Carl Freer will bring Gizmondo back

In a recent interview, made by a Swedish news site, the former director of Gizmondo Europe Carl Freer says he will bring Gizmondo back.

-There is still life in this product. The market is dominated by two products and there is a vacuum to fill. Gizmondo was the first real game console for many types of entertainment and we don't know any other products with equal properties, Carl Freer says. If all goes well we will be up and running by May next year. I intend to make this version cheap and work with open source.

He also says that by Christmas 2008 a more advanced Gizmondo with a wider screen will be launched and that he has already made an agreement with a Chinese company to manufacture the console.

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blacsheep4930d ago

whats the point do sutin good with your money help a orphange or starving children!

ShiftyLookingCow4930d ago

another expensive Ferrari guaranteed to be screwed!

freakyzeeky4930d ago

Why even try?
It was a major flop then, and it will flop in the future.
The little chef in my head told me so! :D

leonflux4930d ago

i love that fact that it states the 'former' gizmondo chief, i guess everyone thought it was his fault it was crap and he should of taken there advice and not to release another crappy console...........

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