Inazuma Eleven Review - C3

"Back in 2008, Nintendo fans were mainly aware of Level-5 for its Nintendo DS puzzle series Professor Layton, with the first game, Professor Layton and the Curious Village, taking the world by storm. The Japanese developer was going back to its roots, though, busying itself with an RPG with a twist. Inazuma Eleven fuses a traditional role-playing adventure with touch-screen football antics, yet after a year or two with no word of an English localisation, all hope of seeing the highly anticipated title released in the West faded. However, hope was renewed after Cubed3 exclusively interviewed CEO Akihiro Hino and received confirmation that the aim was for a mid-2010 launch. That deadline might have been missed, but mainland Europe and Scandinavia eventually received Inazuma Eleven on 28th January 2011, while the UK is finally getting it on 26th August. What is the US missing out on, though?", writes Cubed3.

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