Aonuma excited by Legend of Zelda Wii U possibilities

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword producer Eiji Aonuma has commented on Wii U in the latest issue of Nintendo Power. One of his favorite aspects about the console is the ability to take advantage of two screens. This is something that Nintendo has already provided with the DS and 3DS, but Aonuma believes that the distance between the controller screen and the television will allow for new ideas.

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Nitrowolf22608d ago

Of course it will generate new ideas. I think we will see some crazy stuff

xtheownerzx2608d ago

Yea its gonna be great product indeed, can't wait to see the innovation they got coming

jc485732608d ago

well, you will make it regardless. It's a tradition to play Zelda on every new Nintendo console.

BrightFalls762608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

So disappointing. I've been waiting since N64 for a good Nintendo console. Zelda, Mario, Metroid are all games I love and grew up on but the fact that the only way to experience new entries in the series is with gimmicky controllers is all the reason I need to steer clear for another generation.

StarWolf2608d ago

i hope we get at least 2 new zeldas in 1 console, geez nintendo. Only 1 real one for the wii and still hasnt even released lol.

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