PlayStation 3 'Back from The Brink'

Price cuts and new games may have helped Sony's beleaguered PlayStation 3 console to turn the corner, say analysts in Japan.

Sony Japan released a cheaper PS3 last week with a slightly restricted feature set, including a 40GB hard disk drive.

"Although Sony's game business has not been performing strongly, the first indications of the new lower-priced model's sales look likely to alleviate overly negative impressions of the business," said Nomura Securities analyst Eiichi Katayama.

Early sales figures for the cheaper PS3 are extremely encouraging, market watchers say. The cut price 40GB unit is currently selling for about $340 at online retailers based in Japan, compared to $466 for the older 60GB model.

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PimpHandHappy4923d ago

just wait till the known big hitters come out over the next year


i know im missing a few but



Panthers4923d ago

Socom is the reason I chose PS3. I dont think it was ever at the Brink either... Stupid title.

gamesblow4923d ago

A great boost for Sony... Much needed one at that. R&C had a huge attach rate on sim exchange over in Japan. It sold nearly 33 thousand units, along with nearly 50,000 DW copies. Impressive for 1 day sales.

Danja4923d ago

yeah I suspected Dyanasty Warriors as one of the reason for the dramatic increase in ways great news..for PS3/Sony

Meus Renaissance4923d ago

I doubt how well Sony will do this year. I just dont think it will be a quick switch-over to change people's perceptions about the console, for a year now it was considered something out of their league with the price point but now its competing fully against the Xbox. Perhaps the big titles will get the PS3 some deserved attention and thus will bring up a constant stream of good sales?

PS3 Limps on and on4923d ago

Still pissed off cause of the Uncharted Demo? Anyway doubtful fan is my role. Trust me, you get plenty of crap for it also from other PS3 fans.

The Killer4923d ago

people perception takes time to change!!but with the price cut and uncharted and other good game this year will help to be a competitor but will not change the tables instead will balance it!!
however next year with the price drop is sticked in people mind and with daydreaming games coming and with another price drop then thinks will turn upside down!!
i will list the games that will make a huge impact similar to gears of war and halo 3 but for ps3
metal gear solid 4
gta 4
final fantasy 13
final fantasy versus 13
killzone 2
resistance rise of man
ICOteam next game (if they will release)

they all will be millions sellers!

what 360 have to encounter??
gta 4
ninja gaiden 2
gears of war 2
i think thats its!!
there is a huge difference!!

resistance1004923d ago

@ PS3 Limps on and on

Bit slow are we? Uncharted Demo went region free last week.

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The story is too old to be commented.