Surfer Girl: Resistance 2's ending and 2K Boston's PS3 game revealed

Surfer Girl is back again with new rumors. Take these with a big grain of salt:

"2K Boston is working on a PS3 port of the greatest game to ever arise from Boston, Darkened Skye: Game of the Year, is loaded bonus content and Sixaxis support, revolutionary next-gen features and is scored by up-and-coming British pop act Circulus."

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aiphanes4933d ago

I guess that rumor for the closed beta comming in January 2008 might be true! I want to be in that beta so bad...

Greysturm4933d ago

To such an unreputable and unknown source?

Devr4933d ago

I heard she's been correct a few times. For example Brutal Legend. But yeah, if nothing she says turns out to be true, she'll be gone and forgotten in 6 months.

supaet4933d ago

For example Brutal Legend

but did the site reveal that AFTER it was on gameinformer?

ShiftyLookingCow4933d ago

"she"(not sure about gender, as "Surfer Girl reviews Star Wars" is a quote from some tourist guide) also first reported about Prince of Persia news. Kotaku interviewed "her". Gaming sites seem to think "she" is a good source

sonarus4933d ago

well am glad resistance 2 is around the corner. Since the engine now runs at 60 fps and is now streamin textures expect to see a nice graphical upgrade. I liek not waiting forever for my sequels like GOW where the hell are you kratos. huhn. when we gonna kill zeus?

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Salvadore4933d ago

Can we actually believe this person.

SimmoUK4933d ago

take it with a pinch of sault, i can't wait till we see the new games after uncharted for PS3, i suppose they'll start showing 8 days, the getaway and other title's once the others have had time in the spotlight...

Vojkan4933d ago

Okey i offer to this "girl" something to play with. It is long, and can smell nasty, but it a scent....special one. It has a sack with two rocks in and for a ending revard there is liquid of stench and youth. W

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The story is too old to be commented.